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Enjoying Music at Home

A common misconception is that to enjoy music, you have to sit and listen to it with no distractions. We often forget that it can be used as a backdrop to gatherings within our own homes.

An evening inWhen we go out to a cafe, pub or restaurant, we take it for granted that music will be playing. In some cases, you may not even be aware that it is being played – this can often happen in cafes. In these circumstances, music is being used to set a mood and create an atmosphere. If it was turned off, the entire environment would change dramatically.

While music gets played when we have a party at home – there are many other occasions when it gets forgotten.

An evening at home with a few friends can be transformed with a bottle of wine, a good playlist and something as simple as a board game. This simple set up can create some of the best entertainment around.

Board games have changed since we were all young and there are now so many more types of board games to choose from. We are no longer limited to just the best family board games that we knew and loved from days gone by.

The volume of the music is incredibly important – it needs to set the mood and atmosphere. If too loud, the music will become the focus and not your chosen game.
The types of board games that work best in this kind of setup are those that require interaction between players and not just simple dice rolling or piece placing – some of these also include the best Christmas board games.

While this is a great way to enjoy music and to have fun generally, it also works brilliantly as an icebreaker if you have a few friends meeting for the first time. In this case go for a creative game – this will help bring most people out of their shell.

Obviously, the choice of music is equally important – put it all together & you’ll create an evening in with friends that will be remembered for a long time to come!