Over the years the Southern Oracle has had a few different incarnations.

The original site was setup to provide information on a TV series called ‘Birds of Prey’ made by Warner Brothers – the series was axed in 2002 & the site fell by the wayside.

In more recent times Southern Oracle was reinvented as a music news site. This is the direction that were are now taking the website in. While it may not have quite the same focus, we will try to bring you occasional posts on music, artists in general and associated gadgetry.

As well as looking at the artists themselves, we will also look at how you can increase your enjoyment of music while at home or while out and about. We will also aim to give you more knowledge of audio and how it has progressed over the years.

Music is a powerful media that effects our mood and can inspire us to do amazing things. We hope that we can help enhance your experience, and help you get the maximum enjoyment from the music that you listen to.